Ancient Lines for Modern Writers

…Educated writers will be familiar with the collective unconscious. Putting it bluntly, to understand the collective unconscious is to exploit it, manipulate it, deform and thus suspend and surprise the reader in the realms of our thought. The collective unconscious is what makes the best stories transferable from culture to culture, and from age to age.

In other words, the collective unconscious is the potent spring from which all myth flows.

Learning about tarot, I was starting to see how pseudo-spiritual ‘divination’ techniques might come to be used as an effective writing tool. Just as John Cage might have used dice to compose a piece of his music, through combining the collective unconscious with the luck of the draw, one might be left with a rich and creative aleatoric (or semi-aleatoric) work of literature…


The Ancient Lines series continues with Part II: The Mess of Ogham.

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Image © The Rune Workshop

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