Poetry Before Prose I.: Willo’wisp Writings

What do red poppies, F.G. Lorca, and second sleep have in common?

Just like many other writers, before I turned my hand to prose I began to etch and pat my words into shape using poetry. This mostly happened during my teenage years (like many others, university had the unfortunate effect of corrupting and conforming my works which put pay to it for some time).

…My adolescent attempts were almost always preceded by intense emotion. Nonetheless they have been well received by notable British poets such as Graham Fawcett, a social ‘mover and shaker’ on the British literary scene and anthropologist, won regional awards, and have been recommended for Faber publication.

The poems I am publishing for my patrons now have never been seen before. These have been kept silent by more than a decade’s worth of forgotten storage, recently unearthed.

In the case of the first poem, ‘Tapping Fate’, the triggering emotion was nothing less than despair over the short-sightedness of heavy mining practises…

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