Ancient Lines V: The Ogham Trees II

We now continue the Ancient Lines series with the trees for the M- and A-aicmes…

M. Muin: Ivy (Vine) ᚋ


Aicme: M
Scientific Latin: Hedera helix
Old Irish: Finemhain
Suggested Gender: Masculine

Fenius rank: Herb*
Fenius kenning: Handsome on high (airdi masi)
Fenius mention: Muin… a vine-tree (finemhain) … because it grows on high” (fhasas a n-airde)

Bretha Comaithchesa rank: Herb*
Tract rank: Chieftain (muin)
Tract mention: “vine, to wit, mead (from it)” (muin i midiu) “back of man or ox (muin duin no daim; muin=back, neck, shoulders, ruse, trick, wile), for it is they that are the strongest in existence as regards effort (tresi feidm ann)”
Morann Mac Main: strongest of effort (tresim fedma)
Mac in Óic: a slaughter (aruusc n-arrligh)… a man’s back (muin duine)
Bird Ogham: Little grebe? (mintan, mindtán, menntan; min=small, minor)

Colour Ogham: Mottled (mbracht or mrecht or brecht=varied, variegated)
Gift Ogham: Military arts (milaideacht; míl=soldier, mílte=military service)
Con Culainn: path of words (conar gotha=sound, voice, words)

It is not obvious why, in the Book of Fenius, we are given finemhain (“vine”) for Muin. For one, muine is Old Irish for “thicket”, but no briar matches the description “it grows on high” particularly well, though perhaps this is referencing how densely an ivy vine can grow…


The Ancient Lines series continues with Part VI: The Ogham Trees III.

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