Ancient Lines VI: The Ogham Trees III

Here are the last of the Ogham trees in my Ancient Lines series, closing with the Forfedas.

Arriving at the Forfedas – the long vowels and the diphthongs of Ogham – alliteration between the trees, and the runes, is still important, though it means somewhat less than with the B-, H-, M-, and A-Aicmes. This is because there is an internal alliteration amongst the group, as I will demonstrate below. This includes: (crand) fir, feorus, fedlend, fidhat (or spin), and finncoll.

The Forfedas are rather “other” compared to the B-, H-, M-, and A-aicmes. The Tract does not provide any extra Oghams, such as bird, colour, or gift Oghams, for them. Since the alliteration of the Forfedas follows a different rule from the rest of the runes, I do not believe it a pertinent thing to attempt to provide other Oghams for these below.

“The Language Parted Among the Trees”: Forfedas & Spaces

EA. Ebad: Black Poplar ᚕ


Aicme: Forfeda
Scientific Latin: Populus nigra
Old Irish: Crand fir


The Ancient Lines series continues with Part VII: The Ogham Almanac.

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Image: Black Poplar: © Creativemotions

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