Josephine Thorn is a British writer and ecofeminist activist based in the Wendland, Lower Saxony.

Born in 1991, South West England, Josephine spent her formative years in Caerwent, an ancient South Wales village near Chepstow, a town with strong literary connections.

She latter attended King’s College London as a Royal Academy of Music scholar. There, at King’s, she earned a First Class Honours degree in Music, having also attended electives in Film and History.

Her career has previously been twofold: on the one hand she has worked in heritage collections, politics-based editing, and research for arts festivals; on the other, as a sustainable funding and resources specialist for intentional communities, social enterprises, and ecovillages throughout Great Britain.

Working with one such enterprise brought her to the north of Scotland. Whilst the idea-germs of her upcoming novel No Mór the Glen were already starting to flourish, her love of the unspoilt wildness, and the heather landscapes, solidified her commitment to complete the work, which is partly set in the Highlands.

She also offers services in creative consultation, journal editing, and guest contributions.

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