I am working on two projects at the moment. No Mór the Glen is my upcoming debut novel. Read more on its dedicated page.

The Lost Days is an equally ambitious non-fiction project. I’m anticipating multiple collaborators, illustrators; it will comprise exquisite fact, beautiful art, and non-fiction poetry. This project is still in the planning stage.

Whereas Ancient Lines is a 59 page independent thesis concerning the ancient Irish Ogham script, which includes my own, original, translations of ancient Ogham texts, with extensive research into the appropriate trees for the corresponding runes. It is available for online purchase for just 3,95€.

This document is my attempt to demystify a greatly misunderstood topic for the benefit of the neopagan community today, owing to erroneous translations, poetic ‘revivalist’ liberties, the global mixing of pagan cultures, emphasis on masculine interpretations of the so-called ‘Celtic Calendar’, and a general lack of scrupulous research amongst leading organisations in the community.