No Mór the Glen

An outlandish energy source is found ’neath a Welsh lake, a local girl goes missing, and a foundling Scotsman is coming into his own.

No Mór the Glen is J.R.E. Thorn’s upcoming debut novel. It is an ambitious work-in-progress in the speculative fiction genre. No Mór the Glen skilfully draws from Thorn’s enamour of man’s earliest, ancient, imaginings in order to recreate a resonant literary work for our time. It cuts across different centuries, and cultures, as the first instalment of a planned series.

Reminds me of R.S. Thomas… authentic, interesting and valid it has a lot of quirky/creative use of language and a really good flow and build-up of energy and tension and a nice quick sudden release at the end – brilliant.

David Lott, MA Applied Linguistics
Author of The Book of Numbers, editor Ocelot Publishing

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Image above – Scotland’s Great Glen, Glen Mór.