Coffee, coffee, oh! frothy coffee!

Hello Dear Reader, caffeine drinker.

It is now much easier for you to follow and support what I do, in a much less committal way. If you’re the breeze-in breeze-out kind of person, I’ve got just the thing!


Do you find my requests too washy?
Then perhaps, instead, you’ll buy me coffee?
Smaller that a Patreon fee,
just right for Brits who love their tea!

Yep, I’m on BuyMeACoffee now. If you buy me a drink I’ll toast your good health. I swear it on the grinds.

You’ll get small updates about my work, but only if you want them.

Did you know?: 10 drinks will sustain a whole day of my undistracted writing.

On the other hand, if you’re in this for the long run, check out my Patronage page. That way, and that way alone, you’ll have access to lots of exclusive goodies as well.

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